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Library Support for Faculty: Purchase Requests

Available support for faculty


The Library is here to support students and faculty, and we welcome input for our collection development. If there is a book or DVD that is benefical to your class, please contact the Acquisitions and Special Projects Assistant, Cheri Duball (, 724-223-6104), so we can add your suggestion to the collection.

Cheri's purchase request tips

  • Check EDS. If the Library already owns the item, we will not purchase a second copy, unless it is a new/different edition.
  • If you only need the item temporarily, consider making an interlibrary loan request.
    • Please note that this option is only useful if you want to use the material for your own research. If an item is essential to your class and for the students' learning experience, we would prefer to purchase it for our collection.
  • Give us as much information as possible.
    • Include the complete title, author, and ISBN. Additional information, like the publisher, edition, or year, is also very useful.
    • Forward Cheri any other information, like the URL, a copy of the catalog or flyer in which the item is listed, or anything else that may help identify the correct item.
    • Tell  us when you need the item. We frequently have to prioritize or rush purchases if they are needed quickly.
    • Let us know if you would like the item placed on hold for you. Normal processing routes items to the new book area, not directly to the requester.
  • Faculty are encouraged to request purchases for items within their discipline, regardless of the impact it may have on their specific class. Please do not request items for other academic departments as the deduction will be made from a departmental allotment outside of your own. If you would like to make a suggestion for another department, please contact the appropriate department chair for approval.


Collection Development Policy

The Clark Family Library encourages faculty participation in collection development. Please review this policy before making your request in order to reduce confusion and ensure smooth processing.  

Whenever possible, the Library will purchase the hardback copy of a book. If the hardback is not available or if the newest edition is only available in paperback, we will purchase a paperback copy. The Library will only purchase used copies of a book if the book meets our standards. We will not purchase items with marking or highlighting and we do not purchase ex-library books.

We are currently phasing out our collection of movies on VHS and many of these titles are being replaced with DVDs. The Library no longer purchases VHS tapes for any reason. It is also against our policy to purchase used DVDs.

Library funds are not used for the purchase of materials kept in academic departments.

The Library will not purchase textbooks under any circumstance. These books are usually costly, have a short lifetime, and tend to be be high theft items. However, faculty are welcome to place a personal or review copy of a textbook on course reserves. (Please review the 'Reserves' tab of this guide for further information.)

Making a request. Easy as 1,2,3

  • Choose the method of submission:
    • online purchase request forms: Book Purchase or CD/DVD Purchase
    • email Cheri (best for ordering multiple items)
    • fill out a blank order card (available at the user services desk)
  • Please allow six weeks for your item to be ordered, received, invoiced, cataloged, and processed. If you need the item sooner, indicate that at the time you place your request so that we can accelerate the process

Need to make a purchase request?

  • Complete the online purchase request form OR
  • Contact Cheri Duball directly (best for ordering multiple items)

Complete this online form to request a CD or DVD.

Requests for journals, databases or electronic resources should be directed to Beth Miller (, 724-223-6069).

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