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2020 Fall Teaching Resources from the Remote 2.0 Committee: Recordings of Summer Forums

Curated resources for faculty reviewed by members of the Remote 2.0 subcommittee.


As of 11 August 2020, general discussion and Q&A among faculty will take place on the Sakai site "Teaching Resources." 

Fall Teaching 101 (24 July 2020)

Basic logistics and recommended strategies for handling courses this fall, whether taught face-to-face, through JayFlex, or remotely.

Library Resources (27 July 2020)

Overview of the status of library services for the fall term focusing on how the library can help you find and incorporate content into your course. It will also be a chance to connect with your departmental liaison librarian if you have more specific questions about your course.

Choosing Instructional Software Tools (30, 31 July and 3 August 2020)

The use of different software, with a specific emphasis on Sakai, Zoom, and Teams. In this session, we will stress the need to start with Sakai for all classes to promote a common gateway for all students to access course materials. A discussion of low-bandwidth ways of engaging students with a focus on equity will be emphasized.

Leading Discussions and Managing Group Work (31 July 2020)

Techniques for interactive work with students in a time of social distancing, with an emphasis on using technology to support these efforts

Shifting Gears: Remote Learning for Everyone (5 August 2020)

This session will focus on course delivery for faculty engaged in fully remote teaching. A discussion of pedagogy and technical issues associated with remote teaching will take place. Low-tech and low-bandwidth interactions with students will be emphasized.

Teaching Scientific Labs Both Online and in Person (6 August 2020)

This fall will present many challenges for teaching scientific labs. This discussion forum will allow faculty across the sciences to discuss approaches.

Designing Assessments and Ensuring Academic Integrity (10 August 2020)

Best ways to assess student learning outcomes using online resources. We will also discuss ways to ensure academic integrity in assignments. Discussion of the use of both formative and summative assessments in an online environment will be paramount.

Final Forum (11 August 2020)

A short presentation by Dean Frick, followed by discussion about about teaching under the revised plan announced on 6 August 2020. Breakout sessions to discuss concerns that have not been addressed. Final wrap-up of the forum series.