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2020 Fall Teaching Resources from the Remote 2.0 Committee: Finding Existing Content Online

Curated resources for faculty reviewed by members of the Remote 2.0 subcommittee.

Don't Reinvent the Wheel: Use Existing Online Content

Remember we are not the first school to deliver content remotely. Many others have gone before us. Don't feel like you need to create all of your course content from scratch.

  • Library databases offer 24/7 access to journals, magazines, books, and streaming media to anyone with W&J login credentials through the library website. Using online library content is important, as best practices for library materials recommend a 72-hour quarantine of all returned materials. This includes materials that would be used in-house like physical reserves and reference type materials. Library hours may also be reduced. 
  • Take advantage of existing open educational resources like YouTube or Kahn Academy Videos, open textbooks, material from scholarly and professional associations, and assignments & syllabi shared online.
  • Look for items licensed under Creative Commons that will allow you to re-use and adapt materials to your specific needs.

Contact your departmental liaison librarian for a review of access options for your course content. 

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