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English Literature

This guide will introduce you to resources that you can use when studying English literature.

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Where can you find relevant books for English research?

English research can be very interdisciplinary. However, class P of the Library of Congress classification system is devoted to Language and Literature. Below are the sections which may be the most helpful to you:

  • PN is General Literature
  • PR is English Literature
  • PS is American Literature

The Library of Congress classification and subject headings systems are large and complex systems subject to government approval, and as a result, sometimes the process to update the classifications and subject headings to their most current terms, especially those pertaining to race, gender, and sexuality, can be slow. Please feel free to ask a librarian more about how the classification and subject headings systems are structured, their biases, and current efforts to improve the terminology within them.

Other Places

Digitized Books 

Online Reference Books- Great for background information

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