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Assessment at W&J: CAC Information

Assessment News

College Assessment Committee


The charge of the College Assessment Committee is to encourage and support meaningful assessment across the college with the available time, resources, and expertise of the campus community. The specific charges are to:

  • Provide regular feedback on assessment study questions, plans, and reports.
  • Advocate for improvement, changes, and necessary resources based on assessment findings, especially common or repetitive findings.
  • Provide training/consultation to individuals and offices on assessment based on needs.
  • Present a single annual report that summarizes assessment across the College to faculty, staff, and administrators.
  • Curate and share resources for assessment plans, reports, news, and success stories
  • Meet annually with groups to discuss relevant assessment findings.


Three to four faculty members, three to four staff members, and the Director of Institutional Effectiveness (ex officio), with additional membership during the reaccreditation process. Each faculty and staff member will serve for a 3-year term. Members are appointed by the President.


Schedule 2023-24

Fall 2023: Divide CAC into two sub-groups 

Sub-Group 1: Institutional Goals 

  • Sub-group will generate one Institutional Goal per Division and share with Divisions to refine. 
  • Divisions will begin process to generate 3 - 8 divisional goals. 

Sub-Group 2: Year 1 Dialogues 

  • 9/25:  Email sent to offices and departments associated with Student Experience prompting them to begin discussion of their assessment priorities and indicate whether they need help from CAC to start these Year-One discussions (responses regarding need for help by 10/6) 
  • 11/21:  Deadline for departments/offices to respond with their assessment priorities. 
  • Before Spring semester:  Team will review submissions 

Spring 2024: Sub-groups change focus 

Sub-Group 1: Divisional Goals 

Sub-Group 2: Gen Ed Assessment 

CAC Reports

W&J Assessment Reporting Forms