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Religious Studies

This guide will introduce you to resources you can use when researching in religious studies.

About this Guide

collage of various religious symbols, including the cross and star of davidThis guide will introduce you to resources you can use when studying religious studies

Use the tabs on the left to find helpful resources, organized by source type (e.g., books or articles).

Not sure what type of source you need? Learn about different types of research sources from Virginia Tech University Libraries. 


Research Process

Research Process InfographicThis infographic provides basic information about the research process. For more detailed information, check out Georgetown University Library's Research Help Guide. 

The Research Process

1. Define the Problem

2. Review the Literature

3. Develop a Thesis Statement

4. Create an Outline

5. Conduct your Research

6. Interpret your Research

7. Write the First Draft

8. Revise and Edit

9. Submit