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The Middle East

Use this guide to help guide you through the research process in topics related to Middle East Studies.

Why Use Books/eBooks?

BooksBooks are valuable resources in the research process because:

  • They provide in-depth and broad information about a specific topic
  • You can use the introduction, table of contents, and index to evaluate the book
  • You only need to read the portions of the book that are relevant
  • If you're using an eBook, you can conduct a keyword search within the book
  • They are typically well-researched, which also means that books can take multiple  years to publish

Image by Abhl Sharma, Creative Commons.

Using eBooks

Our eBooks are available to read online, and you can download PDF's of individual chapters to your computer or mobile device to read later.

Geotom Catalog

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Background information

Online Reference Books

Reference Books are great for background information

Digitized Books 

Can't find what you're looking for? Use the links below to access materials we don't own.