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FYS 199-01 Pushing to Limit, (Dunn) Fall 2023: Home

Keep Track of Your Sources

Be organized. Some ways to keep track of citations as you research:

  • Email the article to yourself.
  • Download and save or print the article.
  • Add citations to a Google or Word document. BEWARE: Do not copy the URL or bookmark items that you find in a database. Instead, look for an option to get a permalink or page link from within the database.
  • Use the database's Save function to save articles to a folder within the database.
  • Use a free citation management tool like EndNote or Zotero (see below).


Online APA Citation Resources

Search library resources for articles

Current News Sources

Evaluating Sources

Questions to ask while evaluating a source:

  • What type of source is it (book, journal article, magazine article, website, etc.)? 
  • How old is it?
  • What do you know about the author?
  • Does the author document their sources?
  • How objective is the content?


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