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Institutional Repository

Content Policy

The W&J College Institutional Repository is a place to showcase research materials and other creations produced by the faculty, staff, & students at W&J College.   Examples of appropriate submissions to the repository can include: Honors Projects, Senior Thesis, Capstone presentations or papers, posters, faculty research, conference papers and presentations, research data, and other projects. Content should be submitted once it is complete and if the content is part of a collection of or a series of works all items should be submitted together.   

The Clark Family Library Staff do not referee IR submissions and do not edit them. Library staff only review submissions to ensure completeness and accuracy of descriptive metadata, and to filter spam. If you choose to submit a work to the IR, it will be posted with very few exceptions. 

We accept common file types. We will also accept both born-digital materials and materials digitized from analog originals. There are scanners available in the library if you wish to scan something for submission to the IR. When submitting, consider using file formats that are open, sustainable, and common to your field. Our preferred file format is PDF.  Accepted file formats are:  

  • Text: PDF/A, TXT, HTML, XML, CSV  
  • Images: TIFF, JPEG 2000  
  • Audio: WAVE, AIFF  
  • Video: MOV, Motion JPEG 2000  
  • Database/Spreadsheet: CSV, XML  

Submission Policy

Items in the W&J College Institutional Repository must be submitted by current W&J faculty, staff, or students. Authors must submit their own works to the repository by completing the submission form which can be accessed here: 

Submission is voluntary. 

Please note that if you are considering publishing your work in a scholarly journal, you need to check the publication agreements for the journal in order to determine if you are permitted to submit a copy of your work to the IR. Many publishers’ journals' copyright policies can be found here: 

Before submitting to the IR, students should talk with their course instructor or faculty advisor about their submission. Faculty approval is needed for student works to appear in the IR. 

The quality and authenticity of the submitted items are the responsibility of the submitter. The submitter is also responsible for making sure their submission is free from copyright violations.  

Authors retain copyright for their works even after they've been submitted to the IR.  

Authors can choose to apply a Creative Commons license to their submission when completing the submission form. For more information on Creative Commons and license types, visit their website:  

For authors who wish to share their work freely on the Internet for non-commercial purposes without restriction but requiring attribution of their work, the Clark Family Library staff suggest you use the "Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0) License" OR “Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International” License (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0).”  

Maintenance Policy

Once submitted into the W&J Institutional Repository, items will be retained indefinitely. The Clark Family Library Staff will try to maintain the readability and accessibility of items, however that may not be possible with unusual file formats over time.   

Items may be removed at the request of the author/copyright holder, but this is strongly discouraged. Acceptable reasons for withdrawal include:  

  • Journal publishers' requirements  
  • Proven copyright infringement or plagiarism  
  • Legal requirements and proven violations  

Withdrawn items will be removed from public view while the URLs will continue to point to item citations to avoid broken links and retain item history. The item record will reflect the reason the item was withdrawn. If you wish to request an item be withdrawn from the repository, email  

If an item needs to be updated, newer versions can be submitted to the repository. It is the author’s responsibility to submit updated, newer versions. The item's URL will always link to the most recent version.  Please use the submission form to send in updates.  Include a comment in the description section that indicates the work is an updated, newer version. 

Some items may be selected for inclusion in the College Archives.  Inclusion in the College Archives is at the discretion of the College Archivist and works can be deaccessioned from the Archives at any time.  For more information, please see the College Archives Collection Policy.