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Institutional Repository


  • Why should I submit my work?
    • The IR increases the visibility of scholarly and creative works produced by Washington & Jefferson College students, faculty, and staff by making it available in one central location online. As an open access institutional repository, the IR enables greater access to this scholarship for researchers, students, and other audiences around the world.
  • I am a W&J faculty member. How do I get involved?
    • Faculty may submit original scholarship they have produced and would like to make available through our IR. Faculty can also encourage students to submit works to the repository.
  • What are the benefits of contributing my work?
    •  Authors may choose to submit their works to increase discoverability and impact of their research and to provide long-term storage and preservation of their work in a stable archive.
  • Who decides whether a work may be posted?
    • Clark Family Library Staff do not referee IR submissions and do not edit them. Library staff only review submissions to assure relevance to scholarly research, to ensure completeness and accuracy of descriptive metadata, and to filter spam. If you choose to submit a work to the IR, it will be posted with very few exceptions.  Students submitting work must have approval from their faculty advisor or course instructor.
  • Can I revise or remove a submission?
    • Authors can request that an item be removed by emailing  Please be aware that once a work has been removed at the request of the author, we will not agree to repost it again later if the author changes their mind.  Any work posted to the IR must be the final version. Upon request, the author may be permitted to post a separate document with additional notes or updated information to accompany the original work.  
  • How can work in W&J's IR be used by researchers and scholars?
    • Any use of materials in the IR must respect the intellectual property rights of the copyright holder.  Unless noted by a Creative Commons license, uses that fall outside of fair use require the explicit written permission of the copyright holder of the material.  If you have questions about permitted uses of content in the IR, please contact
  • What happens to my submission if I leave W&J?
    • Documents that you contributed to IR will remain in the repository after you leave the College and will be retained indefinitely.
  • Am I required to submit work to the IR?

    • No, submissions to the IR are voluntary.