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Russian History

This guide will introduce you to resources you can use when researching Russian history.

Using Online Resources

Online resources can be useful for contributing to your research, especially when researching older information that might be in the public domain. You'll be surprised what you can find digitized and freely available online! The thing to remember about online resources is that you are responsible for verifying the credibility of the source. Ask yourself a few questions like:

  • Who created a website?
  • What was their purpose in creating the site?
  • When was the last time it was updated?
  • Does it look like a website that you trust; would you enter your credit card information on this site? 

If you need help evaluating a web source, ask a librarian for assistance. 

Reliable Websites

Below is a list of websites to get you started. Keep in mind it is not a definitive list, so use your Google search tips to find additional credible websites.