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FYS 199-06 Death (Wolf) Fall 2023

Call Number

Using keywords to search our online catalog, Geotom, is typically the easiest way to find books and ebooks on a topic. However, you may also find that browsing the library stacks can be a good way to find sources and get your steps in! The majority of our library collection can be found on the lower level of the library.

Our library is organized using the Library of Congress classification system. This means that all our books are arranged by subject and our call numbers start with letters. The beginning of the alphabet can be found in the front corner of our library closest to the President's House and then the stacks wind back and forth with the end of the alphabet shelved on the wall near the door to our College Archives. Try looking in the following call number areas for books about psychology.

BF - Psychology

HF5548.7 - 5548.85 - Industrial Psychology
HM1001 - 1281 - Social Psychology

L - Education

QP351 - 495 - Neurophysiology and neuropsychology

RC321 - 571 - Neurosciences, Biological Psychiatry, Neuropsychiatry

If you need help finding a book on the shelves, just ask at the front desk and a library employee will be happy to walk you to the location. 

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