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Why use articles?

Journal article front pagesAcademic articles are good resources because:

  • They provide information about specific and recent topics
  • They include bibliographies to refer you to additional information
  • Many articles are scholarly or peer-reviewed, meaning they have been critically reviewed by experts to ensure they are of highest quality and especially suitable for academic resources.

Image from George Mason University, Guide on the Side.

Suggested Resources

Difference Between Articles Journals and Databases

Articles on similar topics are collected into journals, which are collected into databases.

Articles typically:

  • Are papers written by scholars
  • Are focused on very specific topics
  • Are considered academic resources
  • Include citations and bibliographies
  • Are short in length, ranging from a few to around 30 pages

Journals typically:

  • Contain multiple articles
  • Are periodicals (published at consistent intervals) like newspapers and magazines
  • Are focused on a specific subject area
  • Can be available online and/or in print

Databases typically:

  • Contain multiple journals
  • Are accessible online through the library
  • Are searchable by journal or article
  • Can be subject specific or general
  • Provide either citations to specific articles and/or full-text