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What is CSE Style?

CSE stands for Council of Science Editors and is commonly used when writing scientifically. CSE style includes three major systems for organizing your references: citation-sequence, citation-name, and name-year. These systems indicate how your in-text citations look and how your reference list is organized. The system most commonly used in Environmental Studies classes at W&J is name-year.

In the Name-Year system, in-text citations share the authors name and the date of publication and the cited reference list is organized alphabetically. 

CSE uses abbreviated journal titles which can be overwhelming for first-time users. We encourage you to ask a librarian for help.

Examples of CSE Style

In CSE style, keep in mind these general rules:

  • When listing authors, spell out the last name but use initials for first and middle names. Do not use a comma between the last name and initials.
  • List out up to 10 authors. At 11 or more, use the first ten names followed by et al. 
  • For titles, capitalize only the first word and proper nouns. 
  • Any Journal Title longer than one word should be abbreviated. 
  • Anytime you are citing an online source you must add the [accessed date] and URL.
Books Maslin M. 2004. Global warming: a very short introduction. Oxford: Oxford University Press. [accessed 2021 Feb 9].
Articles Olabi A G, Maizak D, Wilberforce T. 2020. Review of the regulations and techniques to eliminate toxic emissions from diesel engine cars. Sci Total Environ. [accessed 2021 Feb 9]; 748: 1-18.
Websites Smith A B. 2020. 2010-2019: a landmark decade of U.S. billion-dollar weather and climate disasters. [Internet]. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. [modified 2020 Jan 8; cited 2021 Feb 9]. Available from:


How to Cite in CSE Style