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Business and Accounting

This guide will introduce you to resources for research in Business and Accounting.


Welcome! The purpose of this guide is to offer research help with a focus on resources that will be particularly useful to you as you navigate your Accounting and Business coursework and research.

Remember throughout your time at W&J, the library is here to help! Some frequent ways that we help Accounting and Business students are helping them find resources for their research project, refining search strategies, and figuring out the most appropriate way to cite their sources.

What does research look like in this discipline?

Research is more than just searching for an answer and reporting that answer. It's an iterative process of asking questions, understanding how others have approached similar questions, and eventually drawing your own conclusions on what you believe the answer to be. If this feels overwhelming, don't be afraid to ask for help at any point during the process!

a circular graphic explaining the 6 steps of the market research process: problem definition, approach formulation, research design selection, data collection, data processing, analysis and reporting.

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Curated Reference Resources

Gaining background information on a topic is a critical first step in the research process. Background information helps you learn more about your topic, identify important facts related to your topic (keywords, dates, events, history, and names and organizations), refine your topic, and find additional sources of information through bibliographies and works cited pages.

You might do this by conducting a Google search or going to Wikipedia and reading up on a subject. Below are some reference resources from the library that can also help you familiarize yourself with your topic.