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About: Group Study Rooms

Library Group Study Rooms

Included in the library's 2018 renovation was the addition of seven small group study rooms and a conference room. Each of these rooms are equipped with a whiteboard and Crestron AirMedia monitor to allow for wireless screen sharing. 

Use of these rooms is intended to foster collaboration and allow students space to work on group projects or practice presentations. Students looking for individual quiet study space are encouraged to look for a spot on our lower level/quiet study floor.  

The conference room is available to students, however, priority use is given to staff and faculty during regular business hours.

One of the group study rooms, the Video Viewing Room, is equipped with an international DVD player, so priority use of that room goes to students who need to watch films for classes. 

The rest of the small group rooms can be reserved during the hours the library is open. Each room can be reserved for up to a 3-hour period.

See our policy document below or contact the User Services desk at (724) 223-6070 (x6070 on campus) for more information. 

Group Study Rooms Pictures and Descriptions

Photo of video viewing study room in the library

Room 104/Video Viewing Room

Priority for use given to students watching movies for class

Photo of library study room 105/conference room

Room 105/Conference Room

Priority for use given to faculty and staff meetings. Phone line port available for conference phones to be connected.

Photo of library study room 106 Room 106
Photo of library study room 107 Room 107
Group Study Room 108 in library Room 108
Photo of library study room 109 Room 109
Photo of library study room 110 Room 110
Photo of library study room 111 Room 111