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This guide will introduce you to resources that you can use when studying Physics.

Finding Books & Ebooks

The library has a wide-ranging collection of books and ebooks on many topics, including Physics. To search books & ebooks by keyword or title, use Geotom. You can do a Geotom search using the box below.

You may also want to come in to the library and browse the stacks on the lower level of the library. Books in our library are organized using the Library of Congress system. In this system, the letter Q represents books about science with the subsection QA75-QA76 representing computers and the subsection QC representing Physics. You may also find relevant books in T, which represents Technology. You can view the full breakdown for Library of Congress system here: Library of Congress Classification Outline.

Geotom Catalog

Use the search box below to search for books and eBooks in W&J's catalog.  


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Suggested Books