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This guide will introduce you to resources that you can use when studying and researching Music.


Welcome to the music research guide! This is your place for help finding resources, search tips and strategies, and citiation information to guide you in completing your study and assignments in music courses. If you don't find what you need here, simply email me or shedule an appointment using the links on the left.

Research is process

an infographic of the research process. The graphic is a curve around a light bulb representing the cyclical nature of the process.


  • Allow plenty of time.
  • Work through the steps and repeat as needed. Often it is necessary to go back to a previous step before moving ahead
  • Start broadly and refine.
  • Keep good track of your sources and citation information

Curated Reference Resources

Gaining background information on a topic is a critical first step in the research process. Background information helps you learn more about your topic, identify important facts related to your topic (keywords, dates, events, history, and names and organizations), refine your topic, and find additional sources of information through bibliographies and works cited pages.

You might do this by conducting a Google search or going to Wikipedia and reading up on a subject. Below are some reference resources from the library that can also help you familiarize yourself with your topic.