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Required Reading Materials for Class: Home

Information on how to find your required readings, books, and textbooks for class.

Ways to Find Required Course Materials

Need help finding your required readings/books for class? The library can help!  Read below for more information on the different ways in which the library can help you access your required materials for your course. 

Course Reserves

Your professor will tell if you or have it listed on your syllabus if a material is on print or electronic Course Reserves. Print Course Reserves allow you to borrow the material for 3 hours while in the library. Print Course Reserves can be found at the front desk of the library.  Electronic Course Reserves can be found in your course's Sakai site in the Resources tab in the Course Reserves folder.


Use the search box below to search our collection of ebooks to see if the library has a digital copy of the material available. 


Search for eBooks held by the Library!

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EZ Borrow

If we don’t own it, you can request to borrow the material via EZ Borrow

Use EZBorrow to request the material from the more than 50 academic EZBorrow libraries located in PA, WV, NY, and NJ.
Contact with questions.


Still Can't Find Your Required Materials?

If you have tried the above options and were not able to find your course materials, please reach out to a librarian to inquire about the possibility of us purchasing the material and adding it to our collection.  Our contact information can be found on the right side of the screen under the "Need Additional Help" tab.

Need Additional Help?

Call us: 724-223-6070

Text us: 724-987-5429

Email us:


Always consult your course syllabus for specific editions that may be required. If you have a question about a certain material, it is YOUR responsibility to consult with your professor.