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Special Collections: Archives

Archives Spring 2021 Hours

Access to the archives and special collections is by appointment only.

Please reach out to Kelly Helm, College Archivist, if you have any questions at

The Clark Family Library Digital Archives

Additional Historical Resources

In addition to the resources in the Archives, researchers may find the following organizations useful regarding genealogy and local history.

Learned T. Bulman '48 Historic Archives & Museum

The Learned T. Bulman ’48 Historic Archives and Museum serves as the collective memory of Washington and Jefferson College, from the inception of John McMillan, Thaddeus Dod, and John Smith’s log cabin schools to the present.

The functions of the Learned T. Bulman ’48 Historic Archives and Museum are to acquire, arrange, describe, and preserve all forms of documentation of the history and administration of Washington and Jefferson College; to provide reference information to W&J faculty, staff, and students, alumni, and off-campus researchers; and to provide outreach to both the local and campus communities about the Learned T. Bulman ’48 Historic Archives and Museum and its holdings through instruction, exhibits, and campus publications.

The Archives are routinely consulted by campus faculty, staff and students; alumni and their families; local historians; genealogists; and general researchers from across the United States. 

The Learned T. Bulman ’48 Historic Archives and Museum, along with its designated staff, adhere to the positions set forth in the Society of American Archivists Core Values Statement and Code of Ethics

Archives and Special Collections Research Request Form

Donation / Policy Information

Before using archival materials, all visitors are asked to agree to the following list of regulations and to sign in upon arrival.

  • Items in the College Archives do not circulate. These items may be used only in the supervised Archives reading area. The College Archives reserves the right to limit the use of fragile or deteriorating material that may be further damaged by handling or photocopying. However, whenever possible, information will be made available for viewing.
  • Materials are to be handled with great care and the use of gloves may be required.
  • Personal belongings are limited to pencils, notebooks, laptops, tablets, and phones. Bags are not permitted.
  • Pens and markers are not permitted.
  • Permission must be granted for the use of cameras, recording devices, and other special equipment.
  • Eating and drinking are not permitted.
  • Depending on available staff, in-depth research may be limited and is at the discretion of the archivist.
  • Requested materials may be limited at any one time and must be retrieved by staff.


The Learned T. Bulman '48 Historic Archives & Museum welcomes gifts, but accepts them with the understanding that it has the right to handle or dispose of them in the best interest of the institution.  Such material may be added to the collection provided it meets the standards of selection.  Gifts are accepted unconditionally, and once given they cannot be returned to the donor.

If you are interested in making a donation, please contact Kelly Helm (, 724-503-1001, x6048).


Research:  The Learned T. Bulman '48 Archives & Museum does charge for research services. After the initial one hour, a $10.00 per hour fee is charged for staff research time. This fee is waived for the College community and alumni.

Reproduction:  Scanning requests should be made to the staff and approved by the archivist. Scanning will be done for the patron only when materials are not placed at risk. The charge is .10 per printed page. Efforts will be made to fulfill orders as promptly as possible. If necessary, copies will be mailed with an additional postage and handling fee.  Digital copies of images for personal use are supplied as an email attachment or on CD for $10.00 per image. This fee is waived for the College community and alumni. Under normal circumstances the cost of shipping and handling of CDs is covered by the $10.00 scanning fee.

Publication:  To publish, use in film, mount on a website, or exhibit original material from the Archives, you must submit your request in writing and direct it to the College Archivist. This permission is granted for one-time use only, in one publication, exhibit, or activity, in one edition, and in one language. Each use of materials must be accompanied by proper credit to The Learned T. Bulman '48 Historic Archives & Museum, Washington & Jefferson College.  In granting permission, the Historic Archives & Museum neither surrenders its rights to exhibit, publish, or otherwise reproduce the materials, nor to grant permission to others to do so.

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