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Library Support for Faculty: Coursepacks

Available support for faculty

Creating Coursepacks

Creating coursepacks that include copyrighted materials, either from print or electronic sources, requires permission from the copyright holder unless the use is a fair use or is covered under one of the other conditions where permission is not needed.

Permission Resources

Getting Permission

Permissions may be obtained from clearing houses, like the Copyright Clearance Center,  that are authorized to grant permissions and also supply services to contact publishers for special requests on your behalf.  Individual copyright holders, who are often publishers, may need to be contacted directly if permission is not available through the Clearance Center.

Copyright Clearance Center

The Copyright Clearance Center is able to supply pay-per-use permissions for journal articles and book portions.  Enter the journal or book title and view the types of permissions available and the cost.

For help using the Copyright Clearance Center and submitting an order click here, or contact Beth Miller, Copyright & Subscription Services Librarian (, 724-223-6069).


Individual Copyright Holders

Direct contact to a copyright holder may often be done via email or through online forms found at the publisher's website.  Although, some large publishers will require a formal letter.  Complete and accurate information will expedite your request.  Include the following information in your correspondence:

  • Title, author/editor, edition, and publication or copyright date of material to be used
  • Chapter title and page numbers of the material
  • Number of students in the class/number of copies that will be made
  • Form of distribution (in class, course pack, post in course management system, etc.)
  • Class title and instructor name
  • Year and semester in which material will be used

Remember that no response from a rights holder does not mean you have permission.  In fact, no response means no permission.

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