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Event & Exhibit Guidelines

W&J Community members interested in hosting an event or exhibit in the library submit proposals here.

Events and Exhibits/Displays at the Clark Family Library

Through events, displays, and exhibits, the Clark Family Library enhances the cultural and academic life of the community by illuminating resources and research activity (especially those that bring minority voices to the forefront), and promoting scholarship and creative endeavors on campus. Library staff are responsible for overseeing all events and exhibits held within the library building. The library can accommodate a variety of events, receptions, exhibits, and displays throughout the year. 

Please read the guidelines below and use the link in the left column to propose and exhibit or event in the library.


We invite Washington & Jefferson College students, faculty, and staff to host activities or create exhibits/displays in the library. To make a suggestion for an event or exhibit/display in the library, submit a proposal, using the form below at least one month prior to the proposed start date. Library staff will review submitted proposals. If approved, a library staff member will email you to help finalize your plan. This staff member will either be a member of the library's Outreach Team or the College Archivist depending on the nature of your request.

If you would like to propose an event or exhibit, please be aware of the following:

  • Events and exhibits should enrich the learning experience of the W&J community and should uphold the standards of uncommon integrity that are expected at W&J.
  • The library supports the American Library Association’s Intellectual Freedom Principles for Academic Libraries as it relates to library exhibits.
  • The exhibitor is responsible for providing an introduction to the exhibit or program and a digital image to be used on the library’s website and digital signs. The library reserves the right to proofread and approve submitted texts.

The library has a number of spaces equipped with gallery track, several different sizes and shapes of display cases/bookshelves, and a variety of poster stands that can be used to create your display. Library staff are happy to work with you to determine what might be possible for an exhibit/display even before you submit your proposal.

The following spaces are potential options for hosting events:

  • Walker Room
  • Library Classroom
  • Conference Room