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PrezTech Challenge

The Committee on Libraries and Educational Technology (COLET) is pleased to announce PrezTech Challenge. PrezTech Challenge encourages W&J faculty to enhance student learning by using library and educational technology.

Print Pamphlets & A Digital Exhibit

Print Pamphlets & A Digital Exhibit

Linda Troost, ENG 203: Editing and Print Design

Our project from English 203: Editing and Print Design is an exhibit that shows how printing technologies in the past century and a half have helped publishers ensure that the right book reaches the right buyer.

For the past few weeks, each student has focused on a single volume from the open stacks of the W&J library, examining its binding, paper, illustrations, typography, and page design and determining the audience for which it was intended. For this exhibit, each has written and published a label using Adobe InDesign, a page-layout program that informs the viewer about an aspect of print technology relevant to the volume.

The close study of the books and the preparation of the exhibit supports three student outcomes for the course: learning to use page-layout software to create attractive and readable print documents; learning the principles of good page design and typography; and learning the history of print technology (the book, printing, and publishing).

Assisted by Kelly Helm.