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PrezTech Challenge

The Committee on Libraries and Educational Technology (COLET) is pleased to announce PrezTech Challenge. PrezTech Challenge encourages W&J faculty to enhance student learning by using library and educational technology.

Dramatic Reading and Critical Commentary Podcast

Dramatic Reading and Critical Commentary Podcast 

Michael Lewis, ENG 155: Literature into Film

The course’s final project is to produce a podcast which will include a dramatic reading of a scene from a literary text, a discussion of what went into their decisions, and how their performance resembles or differs from the cinematic version we watched in class. This project is in keeping with the central consideration of the course: the kinds of choices filmmakers make when translating a verbal text into a visual medium. The students will be allowed, indeed encouraged, to edit, change, or add to, the writer’s text. And they will compare these choices to those made by the writer and director of the film version, arguing why their decisions offer an improved interpretation of the original text.

Assisted by Sam Martin.