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PrezTech Challenge

The Committee on Libraries and Educational Technology (COLET) is pleased to announce PrezTech Challenge. PrezTech Challenge encourages W&J faculty to enhance student learning by using library and educational technology.

Automated Grading and Enhancing Student Engagement with Dynamic Collaborative Tools

Development of Automated Grading System using Cognitive Artificial

Intelligence (A.I.) by IBM Watson and Enhancing Student Engagement with Dynamic

Collaborative Tools with Slack and MS Teams

Nobunaka Matsuno, BCH320/320L Biophysical Chemistry

Two main technologies are incorporated with this project: Cognitive Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and Dynamic Collaboration Tools to create a future framework so that faculty members can spend more time with students and enhance student engagement.  Cognitive A.I. was originally developed by IBM to analyze and utilize a natural language data set about a decade ago, and the A.I. platform is now known as IBM Watson.  In this project, IBM Watson will learn grading schema for a formal laboratory report in BCH320/320L from the previous years’ graded reports.  Students’ papers in the current year (Spring 2019) will be hand-graded and compared to the scores and comments provided by IBM Watson. Any discrepancy between manual and automated grading will be analyzed and corrected. The other aspect of this project is to enhance students’ engagement. Currently, W&J’s Sakai site can provide a function for an asynchronous discussion via online discussion board. The major limitation of this feature is “asynchronous”: Someone posts something on a discussion board, time passes, and hopefully someone else responds in later time. The delay in students’ responses can significantly affect the liveliness and productivity of their work. Therefore, real-time online chat tools-- Slack and Microsoft teams--will be incorporated for BCH320/320L.

Assisted by Jackie Laick.