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Resources for sociology courses and research in the Public Service and Community Studies department.

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Ethical Approach to Research

Practicing ethical research is essential regardless of the type of research you are doing. However, it is particularly critical when consider human subjects and data about them, which you will do frequently in your work in Sociology. The elements of ethical research listed below can also be used as you evaluate resources that you find.

  • Consider the subjectivity of the author.

  • Consider the time in which the resource was created.

  • Consider the mission and goals of the organization with which the author is affiliated (especially when thinking about research funding), and the scope and biases of the organization or journal in which the resource was published.

  • Address your own biases and subjectivity and the ethos, or the mission and goals, of the organization with which you are affiliated.

  • Respect the autonomy of the individuals in your study when using data and other primary sources.

  • Uphold the right of privacy of the individuals in your study when conducting original research.

  • Cite all sources.

  • Follow all copyright conditions.


See Databases A-Z to search for databases. Most databases are paid for by the library, but some are freely available to all. 

Specific databases to try include:

Does your research intersect with another area of study, such as education, history, psychology, or another science? Check out some of these databases below!


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