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First Year Seminar

Library Information for new students

Personal Librarians - Fall 2024

Instructor Course Personal Librarian
R. Barber Protest, Provocation, Perfomance Samantha Martin & Sinead Bligh
J. Bayline Science & Art Jackie Laick & Sinead Bligh
C. Christenson Bullsh!t Samantha Martin
D. Clark Good News Ronalee Ciocco
L. Edwards-Doe Equity in Public Health Matters Beth Miller
D. Ficco Princess and Villains Jackie Laick
K. Jaywant Social Justice and Global Inequality Sinead Bligh
H. Kim Philosophy & Ethics of AI & VR Ronalee Ciocco
T. Klitz Outsmart Your Brain Ronalee Ciocco
E. Leet Historical Fiction Beth Miller
M. Lewis Drag Queens Samantha Martin & Sinead Bligh
J. March Personal Journey of Discovery Jackie Laick
N. Matsuno Content Creation Anime-Fanatic Jackie Laick
M. Ryan Protest Samantha Martin
D. Shaw Children's Theatre & Other Amusements Jackie Laick
D. Shiller Home and Exile Samantha Martin
M. Swift Borders, Boundaries, Barriers Beth Miller
S. Vdovichenko 4000 Weeks Beth Miller
M. Wolf Death Sinead Bligh
C. Young The Choice Is Mine? Jackie Laick
J. Zimmerman Space: The Final Frontier Ronalee Ciocco