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First Year Seminar 2020

Library Information for first year seminar students.

Personal Librarians - Fall 2020

Instructor Course Personal Librarian
R. Barber Comedy and the Body Politic Samantha Martin
J. Bayline The Science of Art Kelly Helm
R. Bayline Overcoming Jackie Laick
T. Contreras T. Rex and the Chickadee: The Evolutionary Relationship between Modern Birds and the Dinosaurs Jackie Laick
F. Doherty Our World Today Ronalee Ciocco
L. Dunn Economics is Everywhere Ronalee Ciocco
R. East Sustainability Jackie Laick
D. Ficco Princesses & Villains: Gender, Race, & Culture in Disney Animation Ronalee Ciocco
L. Galley Ethics & Leadership in Business and Management Ronalee Ciocco
J. Harding The Pursuit of Happiness Samantha Martin
D. Kieran Remembering Trauma: Slavery, The Holocaust, and Apartheid Kelly Helm
H. Kim Experimental Philosophy Ronalee Ciocco
T. Klitz The Art and Science of Vision and Visionaries Beth Miller
S. Malinak The Earth, With and Without Us Kelly Helm
K. Maresh All the World's a Stage Samantha Martin
S. Martin Secret Life of Information Beth Miller
L. Mayer Monster Culture Samantha Martin
M. McCracken You are Here - How we Found our Place in the Universe(s)? Kelly Helm
A. Mukherjee Sound Museum: The Art-Music Connection Beth Miller
D. Poole Learning through Ethnography Kelly Helm
M. Wolf Death Beth Miller