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ENG 263: Middle English

Writing resources; images and links for studying British literature before 1700

Illustrations from MS Cotton Nero A.x. (British Library)

First page of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

The first part of the game is played in Camelot

Lady B and Gawain

Chapel of the Green Knight

Back at Camelot

"The Cuckoo Song" (Sumer is Icumin In)

One of the oldest surviving pieces of music in Britain.

Parody of the poem by Ezra Pound from Lustra (1917).

Other Lyric Poems

The original music rarely survives; however, there are many modern musical settings.

Other Medieval Texts

Chaucer: The Canterbury Tales (sound and text)

Images from the Ellesmere Chaucer (Huntington Library, California)

Page for the Wife of Bath's Tale

(image #3086 in the Digital Scriptorium)

The Wife of Bath

(image #3086 in the Digital Scriptorium)

The Miller

(image #3080 in the Digital Scriptorium)

Chaucer the pilgrim

(image #3099 in the Digital Scriptorium)

Everyman (Portland CC, 2012), with puppets

Map of William the Conqueror's Domain (c. 1100)