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PA Forward

An overview of the PA Forward program and the Clark Family Library's participation in it.

A gray and pink logo on a white background that reads "PA Forward | Pennsylvania Libraries"

What is PA Forward?

PA Forward is an initiative organized by the Pennsylvania Library Association to bring greater awareness to the breadth of services that libraries provide and to encourage libraries to further invest in promoting literacies that are essential to a well-rounded, successful society. These are the five key literacies displayed on the left of this page. PA Forward builds on libraries’ roles as community centers, whether on an academic campus or a neighborhood, and encourages them to deepen their connections with their community.


PA Forward @ Clark Family Library

The PA Forward Star Program is a method for libraries to communicate their commitment to the program and signal to one another that they are all part of a network of participating libraries. W&J has recently earned our Bronze Star.

You can learn more about the different stars and what they mean by visiting the link below.

Latinx Heritage Month Display (Civic and Social Literacy)

a display of 6 books surrounded by colorful paper flowers. A colorful sign stands in the center of the display and reads "Celebrate Latinx Heritage Month with Clark Family Library! September 15 - October 15, 2022"

This display at the User Services Desk features works of prominent Latinx authors. Latinx Heritage Month (September 15 - October 15) commemorates the accomplishments of Latinx people and encourages others to dedicate time to learn more about the rich history and cultures of Latin America and the Latinx diaspora.

Voter Registration Campaign (Civic and Social Literacy)

a blue flyer that reads "Voting is your superpower! Voting in Pennsylvania? Use the QR code to register. Voting in another state? Visit" There is a QR code on the left side of the poster, a graphic of a computer in the lower right corner, and the national voter registration day logo in the upper right. There is also a PA forward logo in the bottom left corner.

To celebrate National Voter Registration Day (September 20), this flyer was displayed at the User Services Desk in coordination with social media posts sharing similar information. This was the first of several voting PSA social media posts, the others of which correspond with key voter registration deadlines in Pennsylvania and Election Day itself. The goal of this campaign is to encourage the W&J community to participate in the democratic process whether they are voting in PA or their home state.


World Mental Health Day (Health Literacy)

To celebrate World Mental Health Day, we partnered with the W&J Counseling Services to put together self-care bags and raise mental health awareness online and in the library.

LGBTQIA+ History Month (Civic and Social Literacy)

a poster with the intersex inclusive progressive pride flag in the background. In the top left corner is a QR code with the caption "Check out W&J GSA on Instagram!" In the center large text reads "Happy LGBTQ+ History Month, Presidents!" in the bottom right corner is another QR code with the caption "Explore Library resources about LGBTQ+ history." In the bottom left corner is a white and magenta logo that reads "PA Forward | Pennsylvania Libraries."

For LGTBQIA+ History Month, we partnered with W&J's GSA (Gender and Sexuality Association) to curate a display for the front of the library.

Open Access Week (Information Literacy)

a graphic with a white background and orange and black blobs in the four corners. The text in the center reads "Welcome to International Open Access Week. October 24-30, 2022." In the bottom center is a white and magenta logo that reads "PA Forward | Pennsylvania Libraries."

For Open Access Week, we posted each day about what open access is, it's pros and cons, and some examples of W&J Faculty who have published Open Education Resources or use Open Access materials in their courses.

National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) (Basic Literacy)

a poster with lots of navy and light blue books. In the top left corner is a white and magenta logo that reads "PA Forward | Pennsylvania Libraries." In the center of the poster is text that reads "Ever wondered how famous novelists got their start? Happy National Novel Writing Month! Give it a try! Maybe you could be the next great novelist!" In the bottom right corner is a QR code with the caption "Explore the official NaNoWriMo site."

In celebration of NaNoWriMo, we curated a display of first novels in hopes of encouraging students to check them out or participate in the NaNoWriMo challenge themselves. 

National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week (Financial Literacy, Health Literacy)

A green text-heavy graphic that reads "NATIONAL HUNGER & HOMELESSNESS AWARENESS WEEK. US Rates (source: National Hunger & Homelessness Awareness Week): 37.2 million people live below the poverty line, 44 million people are at risk for hunger, 580,000 people are homeless on an average night (13, 375 in PA according to USICH). Washington County Rates (source: 2021 ACS 1-Year Estimates Tables, US Census Bureau): an estimated 6% of families live below the poverty line, an estimated 13.77% of households receive food stamps/SNAP or public assistance income." In the bottom right corner is a white and magenta logo that reads "PA Forward | Pennsylvania Libraries."

For National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week, we created this informative post on social media to raise awareness about local and national hunger and homelessness rates.

Fall Into Color Event (Health Literacy)


A graphic with a red and white gradient background. There are leaves blowing on a gray colored wind in the top right and bottom left corners. In the top left corner is text that reads "The Clark Family Library and W&J Coloring Club Present:" In the center is text that reads "Fall Into Color November 18, 12-2 pm Library Main Floor." The bottom right corner has text that reads "Come de-stress and color before Thanksgiving Break and Finals!" Below that text is a white and magenta logo that reads "PA Forward | Pennsylvania Libraries."

We encouraged to take a break amid the stressful holiday and finals seasons through our event with W&J's Coloring Club.


This tab is still under construction! Please contact Cece Lasley ( with any questions about our PA Forward initiatives.