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PrezTech Challenge

The Committee on Libraries and Educational Technology (COLET) is pleased to announce PrezTech Challenge. PrezTech Challenge encourages W&J faculty to enhance student learning by using library and educational technology.

Digital Exhibits of Media and Performance at W&J College

Digital Exhibits of Media and Performance at W&J College 

Karin Maresh, COM 112: History of Communication Arts

Students in COM 112 developed their archival, writing, and media skills by crafting digital exhibits to document and highlight moments in the rich history of communication arts at Washington & Jefferson College. The 16 students in COM 112 took on the challenge of researching, analyzing, contextualizing, and developing the narrative that explain the role communication arts has played at W&J over the past 150 years. The latter task is particularly connected to the course outcome that students should be able to write a message – in this case a narrative explanation – for a specific audience.

The digital exhibits, created through Google Sites, focus on four specific forms of media and performance at the College: WNJR (radio), The Red & Black, The Washington Jeffersonian, and Theatre Productions (clubs and department productions). In addition to learning how to comb through archival materials, the students also correlated their knowledge of the broader history of communication arts from the classroom with what they learned about the specific history of communication arts at W&J in order to meet the course outcome of contextualizing their research within the works of others.

The benefit of this project for student learning has been the direct link between library and archival research and the application of that information to a narrative form that is ready for an audience.

Assisted by Kelly Helm.