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Library of Congress classification: Understanding LC order on shelves

Finding what you want: how to read LC call numbers to find materials in the Library.

LC Shelf Order

Arrangement is line by line of the Call Number on the spine label.
PE         PE        PF        PF       PF         PF         PF         PF
3729      3729     3105     3105    3112     3112      3112      3112
.A5         .A5       .G7       .G75    .G72      .G72      .G72     .G72
 B4         B4        1959     1960    1966     1966b     R3        R22
1947      1949                                                         1996b    1996b

Special collections and prefixes in U. Grant Miller Library

Spine labels may also have prefixes that identify special locations or collections in the Library.

Hist                Historical Collection and Archives
IRC                Instructional Resource Collection (children’s)
M                    Music Collection (LPs and CDs)

Patterson       Patterson Collection

Ref                 Reference

Ref Desk       Research Services Desk
VIDEO           DVDs and VHS
Walker           Walker Room

Walker Oversize    Oversize books in the middle of the Walker Room