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The Cold War

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Internet Resources

Internet resources can provide support for your research. However, you must be sure to evaluate your internet source before using it in your research. Please click on the "Evaluating Articles" button in the left column for more information on vetting internet sources. (The information you use to evaluate articles is the same for evaluating internet sources!)

One of the most important things to remember when looking at an internet source is its reliability. In other words, where is the information coming from? A few examples of excellent sources found online would be museums; libraries; institutions of higher education; and government sites. With these, you always know your sources are experts in the field. You can also examine websites belonging to specific organizations (UNICEF; The King Center) or groups (faith-based; unions). Always make sure that the site you are using has an "About Us" link somewhere on the site--click this to make sure the site is a legitimate authority on your subject, and not "just a random blog from someone in their basement somewhere." 

Remember--when in doubt about using an internet source, check with a librarian or your faculty member! The internet can be a tricky place, and we're happy to help you navigate.

To get you started: