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HIS 340 Middle East - Prof. Bob Dodge: Getting started

Middle East

Starting your research

Start research for books on your topic with the Geotom online catalog or with the Summon discovery tool.

In Geotom it is helpful to search your topic as a subject for the most precise retrieval. For example, type "music history france" and use the pull down menu to search this combination of words as a Subject to retrieve records of books or videos that are about the history of music in France.

Familiarize yourself with the keywords that identify your subject.

Look in a thesaurus for synonyms of the keywords you started with.

Familiarize yourself with the language of your topic - are there specialized words or phrases or jargon you should include in your search?

Make sure you understand the requirements of your assignment.  If you are not sure check with your professor.

If you need help with research our librarians Amy, Beth and John or our two library interns, Sophia or Brandon, will be glad to assist you.

Browsing book shelves - LC call numbers

Call numbers in Library of Congress Classification

If you wish to browse circulating books, reference books, or videos on the Middle East look for these LC letters:

DS 62 - DS 63.18      Middle East foreign relations and history

To do a search for a specific country type the country name in the Geotom catalog or our Summon discovery tool.

Other libraries

Spelling differences

Depending on your topic you may find that there are variations in the spelling of words and proper names.

In searching journal databases and the Geotom catalog or the Summon discovery tool you should search both spellings to be thorough


  •   search "theater" OR "theatre"
  •   search "modeling" OR "modelling"
  •   search "fiber" OR "fibre"
  •   search "Tchaikovsky" OR "Chaikovskii"

You can check proper name or personal name spellings in an encyclopedia.