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Renovation: Pictures

This guide will inform the campus about the library renovation.


Books with Purple Dots

Books will purple dots on the spine label have met a certain criteria determined by each department on campus to be a potential candidate for removal.  Most departments used the following criteria: older than 30 years and zero circulations.  

Hot Pink Slips

Hot pink colored slips of paper will be placed in books that are to be reviewed by the College Archivist, Kelly Helm.  

Review Slips

When a faculty member comes to the library to review the circulation collection, they have the opportunity to give feedback by using Review Slips.  Review Slips can be used to let the library know more information about a title, such as if it is a core resource or supports your research; that the library needs to update the book; or that the library no longer needs to retain the book and that you would like to add it to your own personal collection.  

Professor Swift Reviews Books

Professor Mark Swift is shown filling out a review slip to let the library know that we should either keep the book as it is a core resource or supports his research, update the book, or that the library no longer needs to retain the book and that he would like to add it to his own personal collection.  

Circulating Collection Review Packet

When you come to the library to review the titles, you will receive a Circulating Collection Review Packet.  Inside this packet will be a call number cheat sheet, review slips, pencils, and purple dots.  Each packet also has the instructions attached to it.

Lower Level

The lower level of the library will have an expanded archives storage area, archives work room, and archives viewing room.  The Walker Room will remain on the lower level.  There will be updated restroom facilities as well.  Most of the library's circulating collection will be on the lower level. This blueprint is subject to change.

Upper Level

The main floor of the library will have the Technology Classroom (formerly known as the LDC), restrooms, group study rooms, an accessible elevator, the reference collection, and the new one point of service desk for both circulation and reference.  This blueprint is subject to change. 

Moving Out

Our User Service Supervisors, Rachael & Jayne, stand in front of the emptied out Circulation Desk and office area on our last day in the library. 

User Services Supervisors stand in front of empty office area

Special Archives Crates

In order to move some of our more valuable items the moves had to construct custom crates. They set up a workshop in our parking lot so they could measure twice and cut one on-site!

Remington Statue

Here's our Fredrick Remington statue cushioned, crated, and ready to go in to storage until the new library is complete. 

Tiffany Lamp

The Tiffany Lamps from the Walker Room were one of the items that needed custom crates. Here's one of the lamps packed up and ready to go. 

Moving Truck

In late May, the movers came and got everything out of the library. They were super efficient and really great to work with. 

Empty Library

If you ever wondered what our library would look like when it was completely empty, here's your answer.  This is a picture of the downstairs after everything was moved out. 

Empty Library

Here's the upstairs space after it had been emptied by the movers. 

Demo Day

For fans of Fixer Upper, you know that everyone's favorite day is Demo Day! Here's a shot of the lower level of the basement after demolition began. 

Demo Day

Here's the demolition process underway on our upper floor.  

Construction Begins

Once the construction began we weren't allowed in the building very often but sometimes they would let us sneak pictures from the front door.  Here's one of the upstairs from mid-July. 

Future Home of Library Services

In the new library we will not have a separate circulation desk and reference desk. There will be one point of service for any library patron who needs help!


Our library classroom is undergoing a big makeover as part of this renovation.  It's moving from downstairs to upstairs and it's becoming a more flexible learning space. There will only be a few wired computers in the room.  The rest of the room will be filled with moveable furniture and the library will circulate laptops for use in the space.  We can't wait to see what creative projects will come from working in this space. 

Acquisitions and Processing

Here's Beth checking out what will become our Technical Services space. All the books, DVDs, and periodicals that the library acquires get checked in and processed in this area.