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Renovation: Pictures

This guide will inform the campus about the library renovation.

Exterior Renovation

The workers begin drilling up the concrete.

This construction project began with some deconstruction!

In order to update the library entrance they first had to demolish the existing sidewalk and stairs. 

More tearing up the old concrete

Tearing up the old concrete

The work site covered in snow

Outdoor construction projects in the winter...

During a few of the really cold and windy days, the construction project had to be put on pause. We are still on schedule for our completion date though! 

Work site covered in snow

Work site covered in snow

View from inside the library

It's like the Hotel California, you can checkout any book you'd like but you can never leave!

Don't worry everyone, a temporary entrance has been created on the side of our building while the main doors are inaccessible. 

Temporary entrance from inside the library.

Temporary library entrance as seen from inside the library

This entrance used to be a window in the Library Director's office. If you need to find Ronalee she's moved to another office on the main floor of the library. 

Temporary entrance from outside the library

Temporary entrance as seen from the outside of the library

Accessible ramp leading up to temp entrance

Accessible ramp leading up to the temporary entrance

View of the work site

As you can see all the old concrete has been taken out and work has begun on the new layout.

View of the work site

A view of the work site from from the corner of Lincoln & Wheeling Streets.

View of the work site

You can see the skeleton of our new covered entrance in this photo.

Construction of the new entrance to the library is proceeding, with the pouring of concrete for the new entrance ramp from the corner of East Wheeling and South Lincoln streets to our front doors.

A roof is installed for our new covered entrance to the library.