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First Year Seminar 2017

Library Information for first year seminar students.

Personal Librarians - Fall 2017

Ronalee Ciocco

Beth Miller

Samantha Martin

Kelly Helm

John Henderson

Digging In & Branching Out - Fifer Chinese Lives, Past and Present - Caffrey Digging In & Branching Out - Fifer The Science of Art - Bayline The Evolution and Ecology of Positive Interactions - Contreras
Coffee: A Liberal Arts Look at a Drink that Changed the World - Higginbottom Power Couple: The Washington's - Harding Monster Culture - Mayer Modern Russian Culture - Vdovichenko Princesses and Villians: Gender, Race, and Culture in Disney Animation - Ficco
Earth, With and Without Us - Malinak The American Family: The Way We Never Were - Maresh The Mind of the Hero: Medieval Folklore and Traditions - Seltzer Inspiration, Innovation, Invention - Christenson International Soccer: An Anthropological Approach to the World's Most Beautiful Game - Poole
Business Ethics & Social Responsibility: The Power of Doing the Right Thing - Park Space and Place: Why Geography Matters - Swift Home and Exile - Shiller Death - Wolf Genesis: Transitions, Temptations, and Traditions - Stinson