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First Year Seminar 2018

Library Information for first year seminar students.

Personal Librarians - Fall 2018

Instructor Course Personal Librarian
M. Swift FYS-199-17  Space & Place: Geography Mat.
Beth Miller
C. Shaughnessy FYS-199-14 What a Difference a Day Makes Beth Miller
G. Halder FYS-199-07 Hieroglyphs, Runes & Twitter Beth Miller
J. Atzler FYS-199-01 Documentary Vs. Propaganda Beth Miller
C. Altmeyer FYS-199-20 Walls: Physical and Mental Beth Miller
K. Weixel FYS-199-18 What's on the Menu Jackie Laick
A. Lee FYS-199-11 The Music of Life Jackie Laick
C. Shaw FYS-199-15 Children's Theater Jackie Laick
L. Mayer FYS-199-12 Monster Culture Jackie Laick
G. Clark FYS-199-02 What Is Beautiful? Jackie Laick
S. Martin FYS-199-21 Secret Life of Information Jackie Laick
M. Wolf FYS-199-19 Death Kelly Helm
J. Sweatman FYS-199-16  Tyranny and Totalitarianism Kelly Helm
G. Hallenbeck FYS-199-08 Hacking the Book Kelly Helm
C. Christenson FYS-199-03 Origins of Good Ideas Kelly Helm
J. Harding FYS-199-09 Power Couple: the Washingtons Kelly Helm
J. Kline FYS-199-10 Identity GPS Ronalee Ciocco
A. Gill FYS-199-06 Poverty, Work, and Welfare Ronalee Ciocco
D. Ficco FYS-199-04 Princesses and Villains Ronalee Ciocco
N. Fifer FYS-199-05 Digging in and Branching Out Ronalee Ciocco
R. McDonald FYS-199-13 It's Not Rocket Science Ronalee Ciocco