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About: Mission & Goals


The mission of U. Grant Miller Library is to serve as an intellectual center by providing resources and services that

  • foster critical inquiry and information literacy skills that lead to personal academic success, professional accomplishment, and curiosity
  • spur life-long learning habits in the students, faculty, and staff of Washington & Jefferson College

Library Goals

  1. Build an accessible and relevant collection.
  2. Enhance relationships with faculty in all disciplines to support student learning and integrate information literacy across the curriculum. 
  3. Develop instruction sessions that engage students in the process of critical inquiry that encourages effective life-long learning.
  4. Discover new avenues for reaching the greater W&J community encouraging increased engagement with the library through activities that produce social and intellectual growth.
  5. Provide and support professional development opportunities for all Library staff through continued education on changing library issues, technology, and best practices.  

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