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Information Commons Master Plan: Project Overview

This guide will inform the campus as progress is made in the Information Commons Master plan.

Project goal

The goal of this project is to develop a master plan for an Information Commons at W&J. The Workgroup will provide various opportunities for the College community to provide feedback and insight into how they use the current Library facility. This information will be transmitted to the archictectual firm, who will provide the College with a clear understanding of phasing possibilities, funding needs, and a realistic vision of an Information Commons on our campus.

Master planning for the Information Commons will be completed by July 31, 2013.


The selected firm will deliver the following to the College by July 31, 2013.

  1. Develop a complete set of updated building architectural floor plans in AutoCAD format.
  2. Facility assessment to identify all existing backlog maintenance and deficient conditions in terms of Plant Adaptation, Routine Maintenance, Deferred Maintenance and Capital Repair.
  3. Complete building programming to identify current and near term modernization needs.
  4. Present preliminary design concepts to College with estimate of probable project costs and rates of escalation.
  5. Produce animated and printed Architectural renderings of at least one concept selected by the College.
  6. Develop final recommendations and building master plan including potential phasing strategies.
  7. Present findings and recommendations and/or represent project at specific meetings.

Vision of the Information Commons

The W&J Information Commons will be a dynamic set of spaces serving as a center of intellectual enrichment and an intersection of information, technology, and traditional library resources to nurture innovative ideas.  The Information Commons will be a hub of activity where the College community can collaboratively learn, create, and design new knowledge structures that benefit the world in which we live.  The Information Commons will promote active and passive information engagement as part of the College's larger mission to graduate people of uncommon integrity, competence, and maturity.